Hi this is your friend Tala. Twitter has done some nonsense in now locking my account (not suspending but locking) and I’m done with it, I don’t even understand why. But I’m glad I subscribed here at some point so I could reach out to you. I’d still like to talk to you on the regular, let me know if there’s a way to talk to you like on the messenger app or Snapchat or even email, whatever you like! And thanks for being a friend, it has meant a lot!

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Feb 13, 2022Liked by stained hanes

Interesting article. Thanks for posting! Two questions:

Do you believe the bodily fluids of the vaccinated pose a danger to the unvaccinated? Either by blood transfusion or sexual activity?

Is there anything a vaccinated person can do either to aid their body in clearing the 'signposts' that make their immune system become deranged or in reducing how deranged their immune system becomes. Thank you for your time. Nice posters BTW!

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Thank you for writing this, I'm very upset that I had to take it and nobody told me how bad it was in the beginning. I had heart symptoms but that could've been indigestion, went to hospital and got a heart scan but overall I'm just more upset at the world now.

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